College Crest & College Anthem


  • The college crest has a rising sun that radiatethe letters "IHS" that is inscribed in the centre. This is the abbreviation of the name of Jesus (which in Greek is written as IHUS). The name symbolizes deepest faith in God, commitment to humanity and the readiness to sacrifice one's life for others. This is also the logo of the Jesuits.

  • On the right side is the rock which is a bed for two trees. The rock signifies the necessity of a strong philosophical foundation on which there are two trees which signify growth and development. It also signifies ecological concerns.

  • The bottom of the crest has the picture of the fort that belonged to the family of Ignatius of Loyola. It reminds us of the inner transformation St. Ignatius experienced in his life, after which he renounced his ambitions of knightly glory and dedicated himself to love and serve humanity and establish His kingdom of justice.


March forth to a blissful life,
Onward we go with inspiration.
A serene heart to light up knowledge,
O Creator in mercy we pray.
Rooted in God's love
Let our heart's overflow:
Proclaim equality embrace unity
In our hearts let it shine
Create a world of virtues,
Spread faith in Truth and Justice.
Service we do in love forever,
Shower thy blessings
Oh! Ignatius of Loyola


Translated in 2019 from the original Kannada version by:
Dr Vincent A (Vice Principal), Ms Radhika Paraveen Castelino, Ms Sushmitha G.
Music Composed in 2019 by Dr Vincent A (Vice Principal)