Student Council Election Report 2022

On 09/11/22 the Election of the year 2022-23 for student council was conducted. Students were excited to do the voting and the election committee under the guidance of the chief election commissioner Mr. Calvin George the polling booth for the election was arranged. Every year students used to cast their votes through ballet papers but, this year new technology was used in which students casted their votes in electronic mode. The voting started at 11 am and the first votes of the election was casted by the candidates under the guidance of the presiding officer Dr. Vincent A along with the supervision of our principal Fr Dr. Alphonse Fernandes S.J. In the election polling room representatives were present on behalf of each of the candidates. The press LOY T.V headed by Mr. Lazarus Lepcha covered the entire election process and interacted the voters. At 3 pm Election was completed. The first two round results were announced in the quadrangle by our principal and vice principal it was a very exciting and thrilled movement among the voters aswell as candidates. The candidates were interviewed by LOY T V after the first-round results. Final round results were announced at 4 pm by Mr. Calvin George, the results were as follows:

President- Hemanth V (3RD B. Com B)
Vice-president-Sharal Aquinus (3RD B. Com B)
Secreatary- Nikhil Teja (2ND B. Com C)
Joint Secreatary- Vivek Kumar Mourya (1ST B. Com A)
Cultural Secreatary- Shan Michael (2ND B.A)
Sports Secreatary- Shreekanth R (3RD B. Com B)

After the announcement of the results the new council members addressed the gathering and presidential speech was given by our principal Fr Dr. Alphonse Fernandes S.J. At the end of the day the photo session of election committee members along with the new student's council members of the year 2022-23 was held.